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Horizontal Produced Fluid Storage Tank Testimonials

Calvin Richelhoff

Viro Rentals was introduced to me when I was inquiring about renting a tank that had containment built in so I wouldn’t have the set up. I wanted to test and prove a heavy well before I invested in the full completion. Having a tank that can be off loaded from a flatbed makes it very maneuverable in any lease condition. In this case the burners were attached and all wire necessary for start-up. Access to flowline tie ins were simple. The well was hooked up in a couple hours after unloading and we started the well up.
The next part was even better. As we produced into the first tank of the viro, we could start heating and treating before it crossed over to the second tank. At that point we would pull our water off tank 1 and leave the clean oil treat in tank two waiting to be shipped clean.
When we needed to desand it was as simple as hooking the pressure truck to the 2 inch line already installed and the then vac truck to his line and we proceeded to desand without the need for a sting as there are desand lines and nozzles built into the Viro.
The well proved out. The Viro did it’s job and I moved it to the next location to prove. The actual savings vary, but knowing that I don’t have any time wasted on a non productive well and most importantly, no clean up of containment is priceless.

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Richelhoff Resources Inc.

Tyler Homan

Teine Energy is in possession of approximately 27 JTL(VIRO) tanks that we have purchased for the purpose of addressing secondary containment requirements for production tanks. Historically we have used 750bbl tanks for the purpose of initial flowback in Saskatchewan, however Sask MER changed the rules on ‘Temporary Tanks requiring Secondary Containment’. Therefore, we needed to set up containment rings around our 750bbl tanks to eliminate environmental risk around spills. This new requirement cost us approximately $6K every time we used a containment ring with a 750bbl, this costs reflects all labor to set up and remove the rings. Also includes the liner which cannot be re-used on other locations. Based on our busy Viking program we would need approximately 27 containments every month, equates to $1.62MM/yr with 10-months of activity(minus spring breakup).
The VIRO Tank offered up a unique situation with 800bbl of storage inside a skidded containment that addressed the MER requirement. The cost of these tanks was approximately $60K per, with a total cost of 27 tanks being $1.62MM. The payout was a year and they have been used for the past 4+ years without issue. They have been a large savings after the first year and have made our equipping operations more efficient and safe.

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VP Production & Operations

Teine Energy

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