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Viro Rentals

1200 BBL Storage Tanks

Viro produced fluid storage tanks are a horizontal tank composed of two compartments. Both the 800 and the 1200 barrel capacity tanks feature their own containment -- negating the need for containment engineering or on-site development. 

Each compartment has its own desand piping for effective removal of the produced sand by utilizing a vac-truck. Easy hook-up makes for an efficient process which saves time and money.

Management or County tax implications than that of a double tank setup

Containment as part of the package, less expense for setup costs

Reduced inspection costs / door pull costs

Desand piping, more effective sand removal

Reduced burner tube maintenance, indirect fired burner system

Ability to treat clean with one piece of equipment

Higher burner efficiency

Portability, setup is cost effective

Lower Regional

Indirect fired burners

The tank level can be pulled low without fire/explosion risks during road ban times, inclement weather.

Patented & servicing throughout North America



$20k to $25k

saved per site


Route the water through the flow line via water transfer pump and truck the sales oil to market

On flow lined locations where viscosity and sand have prevented the well from being operable.

On locations where minimal lease work has been completed such as a winter test location

To limit setup costs for an unequipped startup location

Higher risk well startups, prove production first

Ability to treat clean and avoid the G&T


$20k to $25k

saved per site


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