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Oilfield Rental Tanks: Horizontal Fuel Storage

Overview of Viro Rental Tanks Above Ground Horizontal Tank Design

Engineered to provide the ultimate well-site oil storage containment, Viro Rentals offers both 800 bbl and 1,200 bbl tanks. The horizontal design, easy tie-ins and accessible valve vaults make the Viro barrels the most efficient produced fluids storage solution on the market.

Product Fluid Storage Tank - Full Structure | Viro Rentals
Product Fluid Storage Tank - Front Structure | Viro Rentals

Optional Burner Flange

The Viro Rentals storage tanks come with a Safe-Heat System allowing them to function as a Heavy Oil Treating System. The Safe-Heat System is an indirect fired heater that allows for safe operation of the Viro tank as a viable heavy oil treating option. The burner flange is optional.

Safety Tie-Off & Roofline

The horizontal design and roofline of the Viro Rentals storage tanks allows for easy modification for vapour recovery unit (VRU) or flare line instalments. Extra fittings can be added for telemetry gauging systems. The horizontal roofline provides safe and easy acces to all fittings, gauge systems and safety lugs.

High Level Switch

Every storage tank is equipped with a fitting for Client supplied High Level Safety switch for overfill or for high levels. This preventative safety feature automatically activates and shuts down the an oil and gas well so that the Viro Rental tank cannot overfill.

Split Manway (2’ x 3’ )

The size and location of the manway doors on every Viro Rental storage tank ensures ease-of-access for bulk washing or steam cleaning. Its two part design allows for easy access/egress from Viro tank. The split manway design improves access for bulk washing and steam cleaning. The horizontal naturally increases cleaning efficiency and safety for cleaning crews. The horizontal design is easier to work with a creates a better result for cleaning procedures.

Containment & Substructure

Every horizontal storage tank made by Viro Rentals is completely self-contained. The base design makes the Viro tank extremely portable and efficient to move. The subsctructure saddles have been overengineered to ensure safety and ease-of-mobility when transporting the storage tank from one location to the next. Viro Rental tanks are designed to satisfy both ULC and API storage codes.


Selling Points

Our Tanks Save You Money


Well sites and job sites require less preparation and less engineering thanks to the self-contained nature of our welded steel tanks. Fluid storage without the risk of spillage.


Roll-on to truck bed and roll-off at delivery. Easy to load and unload. Crew costs are cut in half with the horizontal design of the Viro Produced Fluid Storage Tanks.


Our tanks are built with safety in mind. This means they are durable and easy to transport from site to site. Unlike the vertical design, Viro Rental Tanks remain structural sound.


Save time and save money. By replacing the vertical welded steel tank design with horizontal Viro Rental Tanks, there is no need for cranes or picker trucks to load on or off of trucks.

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High Quality Fluid Storage Tanks


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Viro Rentals Fluid Storage Tank from front
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