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The Best Aboveground Storage Tanks Available: Viro Rentals Horizontal Tanks

Updated: Jan 1

Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) have traditionally been built vertically. Anyone who has worked with a vertical design knows that a considerable amount of time and labour is required to adequately prepare a location for these produced fluid storage tanks.

Viro Rentals has innovated the aboveground storage tank industry. By literally flipping the traditional design. Viro Rentals offers horizontal produced fluid storage tanks to the oil and gas industry. This revolutionary design allows our clients to save time and money.

Why are Viro Rentals the most affordable Aboveground Storage Tanks available?

Reduced installation time of storage tanks

The horizontal design of the Viro Rental horizontal AST allows for simple setup from start to finish. Our tanks are able to be loaded onto a flatbed trailer, hauled to site and dropped on a prepped site.

Crews are responsible for installing only 8-bolts to complete the process.

Self-contained design eliminates engineering costs & waste

Reduced labour and equipment costs for AST installation

Reusable and easy to transport to new sites

Contact our team today. Viro Rentals is based out of Lloydminster, Alberta in Canada and Odessa, Texas in the United States of America.

We prioritize fabricating our horizontal aboveground storage tanks with local operations. We are on a mission to make battery-tanks more economically and environmentally minded for the oil and gas company.

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