Saving Time, Saving Money

Maximize Efficiency & Eliminate Fluid Loss 

Saving Time, Saving Money

Single day setup, single truck required for delivery of two tanks in a self-contained unit. Only 8 bolts required upon installing on location. Permanent or portable.

Self-Contained Spills & No Waste

Spills go directly into the steel containment surrounding the tanks.Vac Trucks can redirect the spillage back into the tank for a zero-waste process.

Less Man-Power Required

One truck for delivery. No need for crane work or operators. No need for picker trucks or crews. No need for idle manpower during setup.

Sky-Line Friendly Design

The tanks are designed in a sleek and non-intrusive way. This creates a cleaner horizon and skyline in the countrysides of your project location.


$20k to $25k

saved per site


Viro Produced Fluid Storage Tanks

Single Well Battery (SWB) 

& Facility Storage Tanks

800 & 1,200 Barrel Tanks

Engineered to provide the ultimate lease oil storage containment, Viro offers both 800 bbl and 1,200 bbl tanks. The horizontal design, easy tie-ins and accessible valve vaults make the Viro barrels the most efficient produced fluids storage solution on the market.

Maintenance & Safety

Safe Heating & 

Easy Desanding

Safe Heat Firetube System

Viro horizontal storage tanks use a Safe Heat fire tube system. A 6” u-tube is protected by a chamber filled with thermal heating oil. The heater tube never comes into contact with the case phase of the tank, making Viro oil and gas storage tanks amongst the safest options for rental storage tanks.

U-Shaped Desand Rail

Viro storage tanks use a u-shaped demand rail that works with the contour of the tank to slurry fluid towards a low point drain. Easy access to valves for fluid evacuation is provided with removable sting doors in the containment wall. Heavy sand well sting wands can be accommodated for even more effective desanding. 

Industrial fluid production storage

What kind of Produced Fluids

are Viro Tanks able to store?

Produced Petroleum 

H2S & Sours

Fire Suppression Water

Waste Oils

Contaminated Ground Water

Potable Water

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You tell us

How much money will Viro save you?

No Cranes

No Picker Trucks



Only 8 Bolts

1 Man Job

Single Truck

Single Day Install

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Self-Contained, Single Well Battery & Facility 

Produced Fluid Storage Tanks

Revolutionizing produced fluid storage in North America

The Future of Oil & Gas Storage Tanks

800 & 1,200 Barrel Tanks

Single Truck Set-up

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